Mortar Repair

Trust Boss Pointing Ltd to handle all of your brick mortar repair requirements at a price you can afford. As leading brick mortar repair contractors for London, and Surrey, we specialise in pointing and repointing brick mortar for all types of modern and period properties.

From routine garden wall repairs to urgent structural issues and challenging chimney mortar repairs, we’re proud to cover all bases under one roof. Call Boss Pointing Ltd anytime to discuss our services in more detail, or to arrange an obligation-free inspection of your home or business.

We’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done quickly and efficiently at a price you can afford. Just a few of our areas of expertise in the field of mortar repairs and replacements include the following, amongst others:

• Building and repairing all types of brick walls
• Pointing and repointing modern and period properties
• Specialist repairs for Victorian homes and businesses
• Complete brickwork renovations and tinting
• Removal and replacement of damaged mortar
• Cleaning mortar off bricks for a flawless finish
• Replacement of individual bricks
• Professional brick cleaning and renovation services

Every member of the Boss Pointing Ltd team is a skilled and experienced contractor, with a flawless reputation for consistently exceeding expectations. Whether planning ahead or in need of help with a more urgent mortar repair, we’re standing by to take your call.

Contact a member of the team at Brickpoint London anytime to discuss your requirements in more detail.

When Is Mortar Repair Necessary?

Whether looking to improve the aesthetic value of your property or safeguard its structural integrity long-term, mortar repair is an affordable form of preventative maintenance. The key lies in knowing when and where mortar repair is necessary, which first means carrying out a complete inspection of your property.

Typical indicators of mortar repair or replacement requirements include the following:

• Visible damage to the existing mortar
• Mortar that’s cracking, flaking and falling
• Signs of decay and deterioration
• Missing mortar that has left gaps between the bricks
• Mortar that has become discoloured or unsightly
• Damage to the surrounding brickwork

It could also be that the mortar used in the first place was not fit for purpose. For example, if you live in a Victorian or period property, repairs and maintenance should only be carried out using the highest quality lime mortar pointing – never generic modern mortar.

Some signs of damage and decay are easier to spot than others, which is why we’d be happy to conduct a detailed inspection of your property on your behalf. Call anytime to discuss an obligation-free visit, or for more information on the benefits of periodic mortar repairs.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Mortar Repairs?

If you spot signs of damaged or decaying mortar, a series of questions will no doubt spring to mind. How do you repair mortar? Can I repair mortar myself? Is it difficult to repair mortar? What do I need to repair mortar at home?

Realistically, only the most minor issues involving mortar should be tackled with the DIY approach. With anything else, it’s important to remember that it’s the safety and structural integrity of your property that’s on the line.

Hiring help for your mortar repairs can be beneficial in a variety of ways, including the following:

Enhanced Structural Integrity

Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, the repairs you carry out could compromise the structural integrity of the wall. For health and safety reasons, it’s advisable to speak to the experts before going ahead.

Improved Appearance

Professional mortar repairs can also significantly improve the visual appearance of the wall, ensuring the repaired area blends in seamlessly with its surroundings.

A Cost-Effective Approach

Unless you already have all the tools and materials required to go about the repairs, you could find the professional approach a more cost-effective option.

Expert Advice

Minor imperfections can often be indicative of much more serious issues beneath the surface of your walls. A professional inspection being the only way to effectively assess their condition and structural soundness.

At Boss Pointing Ltd, we operate on a strictly pressure-free, obligation-free basis. We’ll provide you with a full consultation and inspect your property on your behalf, with no obligation to go ahead with any subsequent repairs or maintenance.

For more information or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of the team at Boss Pointing Ltd today.