House Pointing & Repointing

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Does My House Need Repointing?

You know your home’s brickwork is important, but when does a house need repointing? More importantly, how much does repointing a house cost?

Brickwork is as solid and durable as it gets but isn’t impervious to the elements it’s exposed to. A detailed inspection is the only way of assessing your home’s repointing requirements, though the following indicators could suggest that you need to repoint your brickwork:

Damaged Bricks

The most obvious sign to be on the lookout for is damaged bricks, which can usually be spotted relatively easy. It’s important to remember that not only is damaged brickwork unsightly, but it can also affect the structural integrity and safety of your home.

Repairing or replacing bricks on houses isn’t particularly complicated or expensive, but should be done as early as possible to avoid future issues.

Failed or Unsuitable Pointing

It’s also possible that the pointing used in the first place was not fit for purpose, or has failed over the years. For example, if conventional cement mortar was used for a Victorian property where lime mortar should have been used, it should be replaced to prevent damage to the surrounding structure.

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This is the technical term for the ‘white stuff’ that accumulates on bricks over the years, which in its own right doesn’t actually pose a threat to the structural integrity of your home. Nevertheless, it can be unsightly to say the least and take a toll on your home’s visual appeal.

To eliminate efflorescence there are several methods that can be used which also ensure this doesn’t occur again.

General Cracks and Decay

Of course, it could also simply be that you’ve noticed pointing that is cracking, flaking, decaying or missing entirely, having fallen away from your walls over the years. Always remember that the earlier you address issues like these, the quicker, easier and cheaper they are to repair.

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What Are the Benefits of Brickwork Repointing?

Brickwork repointing is technically a routine preventative maintenance job, but this doesn’t mean it cannot be beneficial in a variety of ways. Just as long as you hire skilled craftsmen to get the job done properly, you’ll benefit from the following by repointing your home:

Improved Overall Protection

Pointing often accounts for as much as 15% of the total surface area of a brick wall. It’s therefore essential to ensure that the pointing in your walls provides adequate protection for your home as a whole.

Enhanced Aesthetic Value

Quality pointing can also bring additional visual appeal to the exterior of your home, which could in turn make a difference to its market value. All from a comparatively affordable exterior improvement project.

Protection from Damp and Leaks

Keeping the exterior elements at bay and protecting your interiors from damp calls for durable and reliable pointing. For obvious reasons, these are the kinds of issues that should be avoided in the first place, rather than allowing them to pose a threat to your home.

Long-Term Value for Money

Depending on the quality of the compound used and how it is applied, pointing has the potential to last for over 60 years, when done correctly. Hence, it represents an extremely cost-effective investment in the safety and appeal of your home.

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